mage67 (mage67) wrote,

My transit experience in brief

You guys must have heard about a million stories about the NYC transit strike, so I figure one more isn't gonna kill you ;)

I'll keep it brief.

I have a 14 mile commute to work, so in the last few days I've walked about 30 miles easily dressed in a suit and a heavy coat.

I refer to it as the Transit Strike Diet. I can eat absolutely anything I want, anytime I want and still lose weight.

I would have biked in, but my workplace insisted I had to wear a suit. I couldn't bike in with a suit or have a suit in a backpack, since either way the suit would probably get ruined and unwearable. I asked them if they could ease that suit restriction just while the strike is going on, and they immediately and strongly refused.

I have to allow about 4-5 hours to travel each way. So that's 8 hours of work, 9 hours of commute, and the remaining 7 hours of the day I can spoil myself by sleeping and bathing and feeding myself. The news vans often block traffic so they not only reported the news, they made it worse. At one point I saw a dozen of them blocking the Brooklyn Bridge. Police vans sometimes took up 2 lanes of traffic for no good reason.

While my company does supply their own buses for this crisis, the driver I had on Tuesday was one of the most pathetic lifeforms I ever encountered. He let the bus fill up completely and then took an extra 30 minutes after that to smoke a cigarette. Then he went to the wrong location (The Staten Island Ferry, instead of Brooklyn). Then he kept making wide turns which forced him to back up and start again in the middle of the worst traffic. He wouldn't take the tunnel into Brooklyn, because he didn't want to pay $4.50. It was as if he calculated where the worst areas of traffic would be and then made his move toward them. When we finally arrived, he tried hard to kick us all out into the cold immediately before we could figure out our next move. Lucky for him, security dealt with him. He might have gotten hurt by some riders after all this.

They announced there is a good chance limited service is coming back tomorrow morning. I pray they're right.
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