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Perhaps not to dream?

People know that I don't sleep much and when it comes to endurance I'm a bit of a psycho. I have irregular sleeping habits and hate sleeping for long stretches.

This weekend I had to stay up for over 50 hours straight and be constantly on the go. I had a work shift on Saturday night from 9PM to 9AM and one on Sunday from 9PM to 9AM. Since work has been a war zone with 85% of my department fired, I had to go. In between those shifts I had to go to my nephew's Christening in NJ.

I managed with a quick change into a suit at work that one person liked to Clark Kent becoming Superman. I combated the sleep needs with some mind-over-matter techniques, some herbs, some will power and other techniques and lots of caffeine.

50 hours is hardly a record for me, but I had to move around a lot also, which means I couldn't break a record this time. I once did over 80 hours straight, but I did get to sit still when I did that. Strangely I have no desire to beat that record.

Don't worry, I finally got to bed and slept a whole 6 hours straight. I feel a lot better now.

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