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Looking for 18th Century pictures from Colonial America

I was doing a research project for someone trying to find pictures of many people from the time of George Washington (1732-1799). After an exhaustive search, I couldn't find four people.

Therefore I'm offering a cash reward to the first person on my LJ friends list who can find a picture of any of them. I'm sure most of you on my list would do this more for the fun of it, the challenge of it, or just to help me out than for the money. However I'm happy to give you the money anyway, if you do come through.

Here are the rules

1. There are obviously no photographs of these people, since they predate the invention of photography. Therefore paintings or works of art showing at least their face will have to do.
2. It doesn't count if you or someone else you know creates the portrait. It has to be by an artist who actually had one of these requested figures pose for him in person
3. Give the source or hyperlink of where you found it.
4. If you find it in a book and scan it in, that's fine too. Just say which book you found it in though and on which page
3. Color pictures are preferred if available. I will give $15 for a color version and $10 for a black and white version. Black and White pictures that were colorized using Photoshop or other means don't count as color pictures.
4. It's first come first served. If you find it, then reply to this post that you found it. I will see the time/date stamp and know when it was. You can then either email me the picture (at or post it as a reply to this post. If someone found a picture before you, then you may not be able to collect the reward.
5. All decisions on who gets the rewards are final by me. While I full intend to give out money for this, I just don't want people trying to be clever and collect the rewards by finding loopholes.
6. Since there are 4 people here, I will give out a maximum of $60 here (assuming they are all in color at $15 per picture)
7. Funds will be send via paypal or I can apply them as a gift certificate at either LiveJournal or The choice is yours. I would just need the right email address from you to do this.
7. Questions about this can be directed to me in this post.

Here is the list:

1. Theodosia Bartow Prevost (Wife of Aaron Burr)
2. Augustine Washington (Father of George Washington)
3. Elizabeth Downes Franklin (Wife of William Franklin, (who is the illegitimate son of Benjamin Franklin))
4. George William Fairfax (George William Fairfax was one of the few people with whom George Washington had a close relationship. By 1775, Fairfax was living in England and Washington was looking after Fairfax's affairs in Virginia)

Thanks in advance for trying.
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