mage67 (mage67) wrote,

An Apology

I put up a blog on Saturday after an exhaustive and emotionally draining podcasting session. That blog might have offended some people. thepodger was the only one to express such offense to me, but I took it very seriously. I went back and reread the blog and found that it was unintentionally offensive. I really should have known better.

Where I was trying to be witty and humorous and just blowing off steam, I wound up offending thepodger so much that he emailed a copy of the blog to several people and said he never wanted to work with me again. This made me feel horrible. I didn't even feel like going into work today because of it.

Many people use blogging as a way to blow off steam. It's a kind of therapy. Evidently thepodger thought that since the blog was so long and had many pictures attached, that I must have meant a delibrate and calculating offense. All I was doing was ranting as many people do in their blogs. Since I'm adapt at HTML and writing, that blog really didn't take long to write for me. I can't say how long it took because I was watching TV at the time and wasn't paying attention to the clock.

This little incident reminded me of a scene from the movie Biloxi Blues where Matthew Broderick's character Eugene had his diary read by his entire platoon and they were all offended by it. The others didn't understand it was just his random thoughts in there and it really didn't mean it was what he truly felt. However he learned that when something is written down, people see it as fact. I guess I learned that lesson for real here.

I have since deleted the offending blog and apologize to any one who might have been offended by it. I have also left phone messages and emails to several people I might have offended and apologized.

I think thepodger's reaction was extreme, but that doesn't excuse what I did. However, he doesn't forgive me even though I apologized to him over the phone.

I think blogging is still a fine way to rant though. If you agree or disagree, please leave a comment. I'd like to come away from this at least learning as much as possible.
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