mage67 (mage67) wrote,

What I watched on this lazy Saturday

I wanted to lend my buddy Tony the first season of Nip/Tuck on DVD. However I had it on my bookshelf of unwatched videos, so I needed to watch it before I could recommend it and then loan it out.

This is a series that doesn't manage at all to suspend my disbelief. However it can be so outrageous and compelling, that it was very entertaining. It's not quite as bad as the L Word when it comes to thinly veiled soft porn, but it does come close at times.

I agreed with the fictional Dr. Gregory House when he implied that the only way to watch an L Word Marathon is with the sound all the way down. Actually the first season had some stories and then in later episodes the storylines became so bad as to be unwatchable unless you had to have yet another excuse to see girl on girl sex. (I swear I've stopped watching L Word. If they get some decent writers again, I might reconsider it though)

Tony has a young son, so I have to warn that Nip/Tuck is not for kids. It's full of recreations of graphic bloody surgeries and very adult oriented themes. I already ordered season two through the internet though.
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