mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Bad Dream Logic?

Did you ever notice that dream logic may not make sense in the light of day? Last night I dreamed that I was waiting for a train that I knew would take a very long time to come.

There was a long staircase to the train. So to occupy my time I covered the staircase with an extensible emergency staircase. For some reason I thought this was a proper thing to do. Such extensible staircases don't really exist, but it seemed normal in my dream. The rationale for doing it seemed to be associated with a religious reason, but that reason really doesn't exist.

Then when I finished, I heard the train was coming and I was at the bottom of the staircase. So I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I couldn't run as fast as I liked since I seemed to be getting too tired and my legs weren't moving as fast as I wanted to push them. I saw my things on top of a newspaper on the top of the stair case. For some reason I put them there, but I would normally never do that and didn't even remember putting them there. I quickly picked up the newspaper and shoved myself through the closing doors. However my things slided off the newspaper into the train car, but I didn't make it inside and the train left. So I was left without keys and a wallet and then had another long wait until the next train.

I could put some meaning to this dream, but I felt my mind was just sorting a processing old fears and memories. When I lost my things, it just seemed to be that my mind expected the worst and that's what happened and I made it happen. However thinking about such things helps me a little and helps avoid such irrational thoughts even in my dreams again.
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