mage67 (mage67) wrote,

I'm becoming a TV character

I twisted my ankle pretty badly yesterday, just walking normally. There was nothing to trip on or any depression where I walked. My foot just landed on the side of my foot for no good reason and I happened to be carrying heavy packages, so a lot of weight was placed down on the side of my foot and my ankle twisted hard.

It's swollen pretty badly, but it's not broken. I just need to keep off it. So I was going to get a cane, when I remembered I already have one. It was from a sketch I wrote for a video contest doing a House parody.

I've joked at work that I'm kinda like House since I solve all the weird problems and don't want to tolerate laziness and stupidity. Now I'm starting to look like him. I'm not on Vicodin at least. I have no desire to try that. Also I'd like to think I'm not quite as evil as House and I'm not yet wearing a hair piece like Hugh Laurie is (although if I ever wear one, I hope it's as good as his (It's almost unnoticeable))
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